Are you interested in going on an adventure and having fun in Rome? 

Are you curious about the history, art and the people who lived there? 

 Hi I'm Andrea  

Hi, I’m Andrea, an American living in the beautiful amazing city of Rome. I was raised in upstate New York and, after graduating from the Northwestern University, stayed calling it home. I became a college professor and would have stayed, but I fell in love with a wonderful man and moved to Rome to get married. Once in Rome, I began studying Italian and this marvellous city. In time I discovered I loved Rome so much I wanted to share it with everyone. 
My love of art, architecture, and “telling stories” (I got a merit badge in it when I was 8) and teaching at several universities in Chicago and business English in Rome, inspired me to combine my interests, passion and skills to become a tour guide in Rome. 
My background makes me a different sort of guide. I use my scientific “systemic approach” education to weave stories about the art, politics, religion, and personalities of the artists, Popes and other players to explain what you see and how it relates to that period of time. I not only explain it to you, I transport you back in time to walk, see, and experience Rome from the past. And with over 2800 years of history, there are many periods to the life of Rome and many adventures to be had. 

 My Tours 

My tours are tailored to you-about your interests, your curiosity, seeing things and most importantly having fun. I cater for all abilities. A car tour or walking experience to see the many sights around Rome, having a coffee, eating gelato, food and even shopping can all part of your unique adventure here. Does an evening Vatican tour suit you better, just let me know. The choice is yours. 
My tours are normally around 3 to 4 hours or the possibility of a complete day combining tours, and always remember they can be tailored to your wishes. 
Families, individuals, friends are all welcome! I specialise in individual, family and small group tour. And if you have children, they are the stars, I encourage their questions, nurture their curiosity, engross them with informative pictures to satisfy all. 
By the way, I love taking pictures (especially of my guest), thus I know great places to do so in Rome including the postcard view of the Colosseum with you in it! 

 Book Today 

So, if you like someone passionate and enthusiastic, then I am the guide for you. 
Would you like to have fun while understanding something- let’s take a trip together! 
Would you like a tour tailored to your needs, wants and desires? 
If you don't just want to see Rome but experience it, then you should contact me. 
Original artwork by Anita Guerra, 
Pen and Ink on paper, inspired by Giambattista Piranesi XVIIIc.- 
Arch of Druso at the Porta di San Sebastiano in Rome. 

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