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 Tour Rome with Andrea Stoler 

I tailor tours suited to your interests, your curiosity, seeing the sights of Rome. I cater to all abilities, from walking to car tours, to appreciate the many historical and monumental sights around Rome. Stopping for a coffee, a gelato, something to eat or even shopping can all be part of your unique adventure in Rome with me. 
Families, individuals, friends - all are welcome! I specialise in individual, family and very small group tours. And if you have children, they are the stars, I encourage their questions, nurture their curiosity, engross them with informative pictures to satisfy all. 
So please contact me for additional information to see what we can create. 

The Magic of Rome 

Go back in time with a tour of ancient Rome. Visit the heart of the ancient city for legal, religious and commercial undertakings, The Forum. Walk where a population of over a million people lived 2000 years ago, the strata (origin of word street) constructed by the first emperor Augustus. 
Wonder at the smallest country in the world, the Vatican where we will see the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s basilica and square, and the famous Pietà by Michelangelo. 
Stroll around the centre of Rome, marvel at the mixture of ancient Rome and the baroque. 
Rome is famous for fountains and piazzas and the best are here - Piazza Narvona and the Fountain of the Four Rivers by Bernini, the Trevi Fountain, Campo di Fiori and Piazza di Spagna, with the famous Spanish Steps. 

 Virtual Tour Sistine Chapel with Andrea Stoler 

Being able to visit Rome is no longer a necessity with Andrea's Virtual Tours. 
From the comfort of your home you can join Andrea on a Virtual tour of the Sistine Chapel. Andrea will tell you all about the history, the art and the hidden messages that they include. You will be educated on the meaning of Michelangelo's art and how this relates to the state of Christianity in the 1500s and it's relationship with Judaism. 
Andrea will fascinate you on the complexities of the Papacy at that time and a bit before the events of Martin Luther. 
The tours will be presented online with a mix of presentation, images & video. But this is not just a video to watch, you will get a chance to ask Andrea questions to learn more about the subject and answer those questions which interest you most. 
The virtual tours will start this February, get in early by sending me a message and I will contact you with information on our first tours. 

Rome Tour Services 

Roaming Rome with Andrea Stoler will ensure that you get an experience to remember getting the most out of your visit to this historic city. I will provide a unique and individual experience of Rome that you will not forget. Specialising in tailored city tours for individuals, families or groups we will agree an itinerary so that you see what you want to see and enjoy Rome to the most. I can also provide suggestions and must see sights based on your interests and preferences. 


Our tour guide was Andrea. She was amazing and kind and you understand everything she explains to you. I recommend her with all my heart. Loved that tour! 
My sons and I took a tour of Ancient Rome with Andrea, and she was an excellent guide, fun and informative. She is passionate about the places we visited and the material she wants to impart. Very patient with questions. 

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